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Flash Feature: Charlie Banana

Save 35% on our Flash Deal of Charlie Banana Swim Diapers

Kinder Cloth Diapers

Truly one size diapers that fit 7-60lbs. Huge print selection in stock now.
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Fast, phenomenal service! I wouldn't hesitate to order again.

Emily J.

I would just like to say thank you to this wonderful company. Buying cloth diapers for the 1st time is so overwhelming and Stephanie at cloth diaper kids made the process much easier and enjoyable....offered wonderful package deals and then went beyond that to honour discounts and matched prices...Finally a company who cares about their customers!!! Thank you! 


Had a great experience buying from here. It was clear and easy, and any issues were dealt with really quickly and they are super friendly

Becky M.

Such a source of helpful information! Not only providing great products but the service is wonderful! I will always get my cloth supplies here!

Audra P.

Great service, fast shipment, low shipping rate! Great products, lots of choices.


Love shopping here. It's my go-to. Always stock the new releases, great prices, sales and just overall excellent customer service. Oh ya, and fast shipping. ❤️


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